A Sunny Project pt.2

Ok, I’m back with the sunroom project.

We decided to install recessed lighting, It works well throughout most of our house and the ceiling is too low to put in a ceiling fan light. IMG_1564


Once all the lights were put in and the electrical wiring was done, we began to put in the insulation.

Then we finally began covering up the really ugly wall.


I was beyond happy with this process. Even better it was now its time to drywall.

IMG_1584IMG_1588 IMG_1589 IMG_1586 IMG_1591 IMG_1590IMG_1602 IMG_1601 IMG_1600 IMG_1599 IMG_1598 IMG_1597IMG_1650 


The old door had to go, first of all it was too short for the space (take a look at the gap below the door, I’m sure that would be a great entry-way for many critters looking for shelter or whatever else they look for, not to mention the drafts.)


We found this door at Home Depot, However its a nice door, steel, already primed, but it would have to either stay closed forever because we learned that once the tile was laid the door would not be able to open.


Special order doors double the price (sometimes more than double), so our next best option was to get a wooden door and cut the bottom to fit.


The room is finally primed.

IMG_1674 IMG_1671

Heres a little before pic to compare. IMG_0642


A Sunny Project

We decided to finally redo our sunroom.
Heres a little bit of the befores, these pics were taken after we renovated the main floor of the house and began to use the sunroom as a little storage room. IMG_0643 IMG_0642 IMG_0641 IMG_0640

I am not a fan of a few things going on in this room.

1. Carpet, I don’t like it. Something like other peoples underwear, its just a no no.

2. Wood paneling.

3. Wood ceiling tiles.

4. Cement wall, or whatever that is (not included in the before pic, I hated it that much).

5. Shutter windows (that’s not going to change, budget doesn’t allow).

We want to create a space where we can all relax and the kids can also play.

IMG_1461 IMG_1462 IMG_1468 IMG_1469 IMG_1470 IMG_1471 IMG_1474 IMG_1473 IMG_1477

I’m soo excited that the carpet, wood paneling and ceiling tiles are  finally gone.


Are you knee deep in any spring projects?

Extreme Makeover…Dresser before and after

Thrifting with $20 can get you a lot of goodies, “oldies but goodies”, none-the-less.
Well I went Thrifting with $20 and came out with this


After taking it home, and discovering  men’s socks and ladies underwear (bonus gift).

I Cleaned that sucker up, I was already planning on doing so but with the free gifts, I scrubbed a little harder.

It is for my two year old daughter’s bedroom, so I knew I wanted the dresser to appeal to her and also me.


Her room is not complete, when its finally done I am sure this dresser will be the star of the show.

By the way she loves it and calls it her Princess Dresser.